Tapping into the Power of Chat

Data reveals how brands and consumers are misaligned

It goes without saying that the behavior of consumers is constantly changing, but lately it has been happening at lightning speed. You wouldn’t be alone to feel a bit overwhelmed, or even behind the curve, when it comes to how and where your consumers want to interact. Along with the many, never-before-seen developments of 2020 came a rapid shift toward digital-first behavior. And in a digital-first environment, chat comes out on top.

In an effort to understand how brands are currently using chat, why some have not yet done so, and whether there is a disconnect between customer needs and brand expectations, Kustomer went out and surveyed over 100 CX professionals and compared these findings with our recent consumer research. Check out some highlights below, and download the full report here.

Tapping into the Power of Chat Infographic

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