How to Achieve a 360-Degree
Customer View

Achieve a frictionless and efficient customer experience

When it comes to the most urgent challenges, none affects more contact centers and customer service departments than convoluted systems. According to CCW Digital research, two of the top five areas for improvement include agents spending too much time on low-value work and the absence of a 360-degree view.

The concept is a simple cause-and-effect. When we don’t have a 360-degree customer view, customer service organizations are forced to service customers through tedious labor, resulting in wasted time, low quality customer relationships, and an abundance of friction in the customer experience. Download CCW’s newest how-to guide to learn:

  • The steps to achieving a 360-degree customer view
  • The importance of combining digital and human support across channels
  • Why a centralized CRM is imperative
  • The need for AI to achieve efficiency and personalization
  • How to eliminate agent guesswork
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