Terra Kaffee

A luxury coffee machine manufacturer switched from Zendesk to Kustomer for better visibility


  Clearer visibility into the customer journey

  Better tech integrations for improved efficiencies

  High customer satisfaction scores


Company Profile

Customer Since: 2022

Switched From: Zendesk

Favorite Features: Full CRM, Cross Function Collaboration, Integrations

“Historical conversations being segmented made customers feel like we had no insight into their broader relationship with us. [Kustomer] provides full visibility into the customer relationship.”

Cate Marques, CXO | Terra Kaffe

The Challenge

When seeking a new CRM and service solution, Terra Kaffe identified a non-negotiable requirement: comprehensive visibility into each customer’s history and relationship with the brand. With customers investing in Terra Kaffe’s luxurious products, the service experience had to mirror the premium quality of their offerings.

The Solution

Terra Kaffe switched from Zendesk to Kustomer as the best solution for getting a complete view of the customer’s overall journey with the brand.

The Story

In a world where customer experience reigns supreme, Terra Kaffe, a company dedicated to elevating coffee culture with their innovative coffee machines, realized the need for a robust customer relationship management (CRM) and service solution to match the high-touch nature of their brand. With aspirations to provide exceptional service and cultivate long-lasting relationships with their customers, Terra Kaffe began its journey to find the perfect CRM and service solution.

Previous Solution: Zendesk

We found ourselves constantly with several tabs open just to track prior conversations with a customer, as they weren’t linked. Because we service a high-consideration, high price point, and high touch product, we found that customers tend to reach out multiple times with questions or feedback. Historical conversations being segmented made customers feel like we had no insight into their broader relationship with us.
Cate Marques

Before adopting Kustomer, Terra Kaffe utilized Zendesk as their primary customer service platform. While an improvement over manual methods, Zendesk presented limitations that hindered Terra Kaffe’s ability to deliver a seamless customer experience. The disjointed nature of conversations across multiple tabs left customers feeling disconnected and underserved, failing to reflect the high-value relationship Terra Kaffe aimed to foster.

The Search for Something Better

Before officially starting their search for a new CRM and service solution, Terra Kaffe identified the non-negotiable feature: this new tool must provide full visibility into the customer relationship.

“Because our customers are purchasing a luxe product, our service needs to match that energy, including the ability to have full visibility into the customer relationship at our fingertips.”
Cate Marques

They decided to evaluate the following tools:

  • Zendesk (their current solution)
  • Gorgias
  • Gladly
  • Kustomer

It quickly became evident that Kustomer was the best solution for Terra Kaffe.

Kustomer’s Timeline feature impressed Terra Kaffe with its ability to show the full historical customer relationship. This feature would allow Terra Kaffe to deliver superior customer service by showing them a holistic view of the customer’s interaction with the brand.

The most persuasive feature Kustomer offered was the timeline layout. We prefer to handle customers within the full context of their relationship with us, not through siloed tickets that provide little insight into their overall experience with the Terra Kaffe brand.”
Cate Marques

Another feature that Terra Kaffe was surprised and delighted about?! Kustomer’s Collaborators feature. This feature allows Terra Kaffe to give “observer seats” to other departments. The benefit? Other departments can get real-time visibility into what customers are thinking and feeling about the product. By inviting the engineering and ops team as observers, Terra Kaffe can seamlessly bring in the customer’s point of view during product development.

High CSAT with Kustomer

“Throughout our relationship with Kustomer, we’ve been able to maintain a CSAT in the mid-90s for much of our growth, and we’re able to more effectively serve our community, even as it’s more than quadrupled in a relatively short period of time.”
Cate Marques

Since implementing Kustomer, Terra Kaffe has witnessed remarkable improvements in their customer service operations. Maintaining a consistently high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score in the mid-90s, Terra Kaffe effectively scales its service efforts to accommodate a rapidly expanding customer base.

Plus, Kustomer’s integrations with Siena AI, Loop, Shopify, Jira, and Aircall further enhance efficiency and collaboration across teams, streamlining processes and facilitating cross-functional alignment.

What’s Next

With the operational efficiencies gained from Kustomer, Terra Kaffe’s customer experience team has redirected their focus towards innovative initiatives that enrich the overall brand journey. From launching an educational YouTube channel to expanding their product portfolio based on customer feedback, Terra Kaffe demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation.

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