It’s Smooth Sailing for Paddle After Big CSAT and SLA Attainment Improvements


  Increased Service Level Attainment by 80%

  Achieved 99% CSAT

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2018

Number of Users: 32

Switched From: Intercom

Favorite Features: Custom Workflow Engine, Omnichannel Support, Timeline


“The team’s reaction to Kustomer has been fantastic. Before, they were always having very awkward conversations with customers and always apologizing for getting back to them really late. They were trying their best to deliver good customer service, but the tool we had was bad, so as you can imagine, that’s quite frustrating. When we moved to Kustomer, that lateness issue went away overnight because Kustomer’s SLAs are just substantially better — not just over our previous system, but over any system that we’ve seen. Immediately, our agents were in control of the conversation and the experience, and our SLAs went from about 10 percent attainment up to more than 90 percent attainment.”

Gary McGrath, Success Operations Manager, Paddle


Paddle is a platform that helps software developers sell their products globally through checkout, licensing, and marketing solutions. Paddle’s Success Operations team handles support across their two customer types: sellers (the direct companies that sell software using Paddle) and buyers (the consumers that purchase software from their sellers). With a business model centered on enabling their customers’ growth, Paddle’s Success team has the critical focus of building relationships with sellers and solving their issues quickly.

Paddle has been rapidly growing, but their previous CX solution was not built to scale with them. Gary McGrath, Success Operations Manager at Paddle, explains, “As we got more sellers, we started losing control of the conversations in our previous system. We didn’t have the ability to set SLAs, so customers could go weeks without receiving a reply. With satisfaction down, we needed something that would help us scale.”

Paddle partnered with Kustomer with three clear objectives for their new CX platform: to help them build better relationships with customers over time; to drive efficiency and scale as their organization grows; and to create a collaborative environment with ease-of-use across multiple departments.

Automated Workflows Lead to Remarkable SLA Improvements

The support needs of Paddle’s sellers vary widely — from troubleshooting transactional and accounting questions to solving issues around disputes and chargebacks. To respond efficiently and at scale, the Success Operations team often puts sellers in direct contact with collaborators in other Paddle departments like Finance or Risks & Compliance. Prior to using Kustomer, the Success team was manually sorting through requests and issues, and informing other parties as needed, which led to long wait times and overwhelmingly manual workloads for agents.


“The workflow engine is phenomenal. I honestly can’t praise it highly enough. We have very nuanced workflows that require very subjective pathing to understand how to segment our sellers or issues, and we have the ability to build workflows to make that possible.”

Gary McGrath, Success Operations Manager, Paddle


To enable this collaboration, Paddle uses Kustomer to build sophisticated workflows based on complex criteria from several different data sources. McGrath explains, “We’ve made heavy use of the workflow engine. We’ve got various flows that run constantly and do really powerful things. We are able to call into Salesforce, our sales enablement services, and more. The system pulls in all these extra details and makes decisions, segmenting our sellers correctly and taking this effort off our agents, which makes us much more efficient.”

The results have been remarkable for the Paddle success team. Agent productivity and efficiency have skyrocketed, and their SLA attainment improved more than 80 percent, moving from 10 percent attainment to over 90 percent attainment in just the first few months with Kustomer.

Personalized, Efficient Interactions that Increase Customer Satisfaction

Kustomer empowers Paddle’s agents to solve sellers’ requests quickly while personalizing every interaction. That’s because the Kustomer platform contextualizes all their information and history and displays it in a single timeline view. Every support conversation, every key detail, and every data point is available to agents within a seamless and actionable UI. Agents not only leverage this knowledge to expedite a request or issue, but continue to build stronger relationships with them through personalized, attentive service.


“We see so much value in the Timeline because as more and more conversations occur in Kustomer, we can make more and more use of the Timeline to really give our agents true context about the people they’re supporting and make the experience as frictionless as possible. Everything they need to know is right there at a glance.”

Gary McGrath, Success Operations Manager, Paddle


With more data and context right in front of them, agents respond and resolve issues quickly, leading to the success team dramatically improving overall customer satisfaction. In just 5 months, CSAT scores leapt from 65% to over 99% month to month.

True Omnichannel Support Keeps Agents Productive and Happy

“We believe in the power of a unified conversation, and in Kustomer, you can connect all your channels, including Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, emails and live chat. It all streams into a single conversation, and the platform makes each interaction effortless for our sellers, which for us is phenomenally good and was really a key driver in our decision.”

Kustomer’s true omnichannel support environment allows Paddle’s agents to respond to sellers across every channel without ever changing windows. The unified system keeps conversations intact, even when a seller switches channels. As McGrath explains, “Our sellers may use live chat when they’re at work and need to get a quick answer from us. When they’re outside of work, they might switch to email or Twitter or Facebook. That shows you how quickly users can change their channels, and Kustomer follows them. So we can answer them wherever they happen to be.”

This integrated system also helps Paddle’s support agents be more productive. They no longer have to keep multiple tabs and applications open to seek answers, solve issues and communicate. The platform stores all the information they need and keeps conversations flowing regardless of channel.

Future Expansion with Amazon Connect

Paddle plans on deepening their use of Kustomer, including more automated workflows to further increase efficiencies and connecting Kustomer to their AI system to perform automated knowledge base searches based on seller requests. This integration would enable searching their entire documentation and identifying relevant details.

And since the seller support team is happy with Kustomer and experiencing incredible performance improvements, Paddle also plans to migrate their buyer support team to the platform this year, bringing their entire support function into Kustomer. This migration means that Paddle will take advantage of Kustomer’s powerful integration with Amazon Connect because, as McGrath notes, “We want to use what works best with Kustomer so that we get the most out of it.”

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