Kin Insurance

Building Visibility Into Customer Operations—for the Whole Company


  Improved visibility into customer communication

  Reduced response time

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2020

Switched From: Bespoke Tools

Favorite Features: Timeline, Workflows, and Customization

The Challenge

Kin is a direct-to-consumer insurance company that provides affordable coverage to homeowners, removing the usual stress and complexity from home insurance. As Kin grew quickly, it became increasingly challenging for the sales and support teams to serve homeowners to the best of their ability.


The Results

  • Centralized support operations into a single platform and streamlined internal processes for customer engagement
  • Reduced response times by giving agents a complete history of each customer and eliminating knowledge gaps in customer communication
  • Improved efficiency and eliminated manual triage by automating end-to-end service workflows

“Everyone in the company, including the claims team, now uses Kustomer… Kustomer has changed how Kin operates, aligns with customers, manages schedules, and makes decisions.”

Eli Gratz, Vice President of Growth & Business Development, Kin Insurance


The Story

Every insurance company says they take a customer-first approach, but operating that way is easier said than done. Kin is one of those companies, providing affordable coverage to homeowners in states like Florida and Louisiana with a history of natural disasters and expensive insurance.

Kin has a large sales and support team that removes the usual stress and complexity from home insurance. As VP of Growth and Business Development at Kin Insurance, Eli Gratz handles the technology that lets their business teams operate. When Gratz joined Kin, the team was 15 people strong. Three and a half years later, they are a team of nearly 300. It was increasingly challenging for the sales and support teams to serve homeowners to the best of their ability as the company grew so quickly.

Kin previously used bespoke solutions, so answering basic questions required coding and deployment. And lacking a centralized system for support and communications, Kin had no visibility into the various customer interactions that different teams managed. Important insights were buried in disparate tools, leaving their business and operations team without much flexibility.

Kin wanted a more unified communication system, and they considered building an entirely new ecosystem. But then they found the perfect enterprise-level solution in Kustomer.

Kin Insurance Case Study Inline

Kustomer had the native integrations Kin needed, and it was simple for Gratz’s team to get a real-time data stream that their BI team could build their reporting on. The Kustomer workflows were sophisticated enough that a technical business user could make a lot happen without requiring help from an engineer. It was also in line with their document retention and security policies.

Once Kin moved to Kustomer, they very quickly had greater insights into communication. By having everything in one place, it’s easier to help others or receive help. “Whether through phone, SMS, email, or chat, there should never be knowledge gaps with customer communication,” Gratz said.

With Kustomer, Kin can track, search, and manage email for the first time. They can look at support times and ask questions, like how many support tickets were received from an individual source. Kin now has a clear chain of evidence that shows who said what and when, and their teams can respond faster without taking on more work.

What’s Next

Kin views Kustomer as a central hub of their business, and it’s become a strong pillar of how they operate. Kin sees a lot of opportunities for improvement with more Kustomer integrations, such as pulling information from emails and chats to measure customer sentiment instead of relying on rep analysis. “Every customer interaction can be made better with increased visibility,” Gratz said.

Kin’s agents can quickly get in contact with customers, and now they have a structured environment in which to do it. With greater insights into customers’ experiences, Kin can provide insurance the right way.

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