The Kustomer Service Pulse: Viral Customer Service Moments

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Welcome to The Kustomer Service Pulse, a new series on the Kustomer blog where we share our point of view on customer service experiences that showcase how companies can create unforgettable moments with their customers, drive impact for their business, and elevate their brands. 

In the digital age, customer service has evolved from a mere necessity to a powerful tool that can shape a brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. Every now and then, some extraordinary customer service interactions capture the hearts of people online, sparking a chain reaction of shares, likes, and retweets.

The recipe for a viral customer service moment is a delicate blend of personalization, authenticity, empathy, and timely responses. Brands that master these elements have a better chance of creating unforgettable experiences that resonate with customers and their wider social circles.

Here is a collection of our favorite viral customer service moments that have left a lasting impression on customers and transformed businesses. 

Southwest Airlines Rescues a Forgotten Bridesmaid Dress

After flying to her sister’s wedding in Costa Rica, this bridesmaid realized she forgot to pack her bridesmaid dress, leaving it back home in Texas. She reached out to friends, desperate to FedEx it, but was met with long arrival times due to customs. The bridesmaid shared her distress on a local Facebook group, hoping to catch someone in the area also traveling to the country to bring the dress along – but she was still left without luck.

As a last resort, she reached out to Southwest Airlines on Twitter after seeing they had a flight to Costa Rica the next morning. Southwest stepped in to save the day, bringing her the dress in time for the wedding.

Kustomer Reacts: Southwest Airlines went above and beyond to help this woman out – and even made the journey a fun social story for its followers. While the woman, in this case, reached out to Southwest on Twitter, creating a personalized, omnichannel CRM platform allows brands to quickly understand their customers and touchpoints across channels, and thus take action in a way that best serves the consumer – whether it’s delivering a dress from Houston to Costa Rica or simply providing a refund on a product.

‘That Act of Kindness Meant So Much’: Chewy’s Customer Service Is Melting Hearts

While grieving the loss of her beloved dog, Gus, Twitter user Anna Brose posted about her experience with Chewy. She shared that the pet company provided a quick and heartwarming response when she reached out to a rep, to return an unopened bag of dog food that she no longer needed. She received a full refund, was told to donate the food to the shelter, and had flowers delivered to her with a gift note signed by the rep she spoke to. Chewy acknowledged the kind post and responded by tweeting out, “It’s the least we could do, Anna … We hope these flowers will help to keep your spirits up.”

Kustomer Reacts: Knowing what personalized customer service is and prioritizing it can create a lasting impression on a customer. Chewy’s response to their grieving customer shows that the company cares on a personal level and understands the emotions that each pet owner has and may be going through. When customers experience compassionate treatment from a business, they are more likely to choose that business over their competitor, even if prices might be slightly higher.

Ritz-Carlton Returns Beloved Stuffed Giraffe to Kid After Leaving It at the Hotel

After visiting the hotel while on a family vacation, a young boy left behind his favorite stuffed giraffe, Joshie. The parents told their son that Joshie was just staying a few extra days on vacation. They called the Ritz-Carlton to let them know what happened, relaying the story they had told their son. In an effort to make everything right for their customer, the staff at the Ritz created a series of photographs that included all of the activities Joshie had been involved in during his “extended vacation,” before returning the stuffed giraffe to his owner.

Kustomer Reacts: The hotel’s actions showcase their dedication to customer satisfaction and care, resolving an issue but also building an emotional connection with the young boy and his family. Every conversation you have with a customer should be meaningful – and this story highlights how important that really is. Customers appreciate businesses that demonstrate authentic care and concern, which can lead to a stronger emotional connection between the brand and its customers.  

Viral customer service moments have the power to make or break a brand’s reputation. As we’ve seen through these case studies and insights, being authentic, empathetic, and proactive can lead to unforgettable experiences that capture the hearts and minds of customers and the online community. We encourage you to harness the power of customer service excellence and leverage Kustomer’s native AI-powered conversational CRM platform to elevate your brand and create your viral moments that leave a lasting impact.

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