The Kustomer Service Pulse: Customer Experience in the Digital Era: The Impact of AI and Automation

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Welcome to The Kustomer Service Pulse, a new series on the Kustomer blog where we share our point of view on customer service experiences that showcase how companies can create unforgettable moments with their customers, drive impact for their business, and elevate their brands. 

In today’s digital era, customers expect their service to be seamless, the agents they interact with to be reliable, and their problems to be solved efficiently. With a variety of platforms available for customer support, and each experience being very different, AI is a helpful tool that can assist with simple queries that a customer may have.

While there are complex issues that human agents may need to address, AI can relieve customers of long wait times, acquire useful customer information and gain a better understanding to anticipate future needs.

We’ve all experienced the hurdles of reaching a human agent when calling a customer support number, with the fear of enduring an eternity of waiting. The prompts that lead you to share personal information only to repeat that information once you’re connected with a human agent, made the process feel frustrating. The initial experience and wait time build up contribute to how the customer perceives customer service as a whole and, in turn, how the agent will handle the query, with an unpredictable outcome. All the dreadful fears that come along with customer support have evolved and continue to improve in the modern digital era.

Contrary to popular belief, AI in customer experience (CX) is not present to eliminate human agents but rather to augment the human team and allow them to be better at their jobs. Automating simple queries from customers can lead to self-service options, preventing escalated issues and creating a positive customer service experience for both the agent and customer. In the demanding field of customer service, agents have grown weary, and AI has emerged as an essential tool to enhance productivity and alleviate the burden when addressing minor issues.

When a loyal and returning customer reaches out with a question or concern, they expect a certain level of service, whether it’s from a human agent or AI. Collecting data, such as previous purchases, contact history with customer support, messages, and other relevant information, could be beneficial as AI evolves to better understand each customer and their needs. 

The digital era has simplified the process for customers to access improved experiences, and businesses incorporating AI as a tool are leading the way in understanding their customers better, thereby enhancing their service capabilities. This not only fosters loyalty but also influences ROI, as an increasing number of customers spread the word about the company’s efficient customer experience.

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