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Webinar: Why Leading DTC Brands Made the Switch WBR-042

The last year has generated a fundamental shift in the way we shop. Brands and consumers alike have been forced to embrace digital transformation like never before. With today’s at-the-touch-of-a-button consumer obsession, companies are struggling to deliver on customer’s high demands, and unless you’ve equipped your team with the proper technology, providing exceptional customer service can be nearly impossible.

Join Heather Kunert, Head of CX at Comrad, and Jacob Baldree, Customer Success Manager at Cotopaxi, as they dive into the how’s and why’s of deciding to #maketheswitch from a legacy ticketing system to a modern CRM platform for CX and the benefits both brands have seen since doing so.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What drove Comrad and Cotopaxi to finally #maketheswitch
  • How they pulled off an essential platform change
  • What benefits their CX teams and customers are seeing after switching
  • Why they’re never going back to a traditional ticketing system

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Andrea Paul

Director of Research, Kustomer

Heather Kunert

Head of Customer Experience, Comrad

Jacob Baldree

Customer Success Manager, Cotopaxi



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