How to Solve 40% of Customer Inquiries With Kustomer IQ

Use AI to enable self-service customer journeys

Chatbots. AI. ML. Three buzzwords that are increasingly becoming top of mind for customer support teams. In fact, Garnter predicts that 72% of customer interactions will involve these technologies by 2022. Are you prepared?

With our recent acquisition of, we are paving the way for what the future of customer support and automation will look like with our latest feature – Kustomer IQ.

With Kustomer IQ’s accurate self-service chatbot and deflection tools, you now have the ability to solve 40% of inbound customer conversations with AI, leaving your agents to handle more complex customer issues. A win for both your business and your customers.

Join PJ, Vikas and Jillian as they walk you through how you can enable self-service with Kustomer IQ.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to scale your business by automating more conversations around the clock, without compromising quality.
  • How deflection and semantic search can ease the burden of manually searching through knowledge and resources when customers try to self-serve.
  • How to incorporate AI-enable chatbot and deflection tools seamlessly into your service solutions and team operations.

Watch this webinar:


Peter Johnson

VP, Product, Kustomer

Vikas Bhambri

SVP, Sales and Customer
Experience, Kustomer

Jillian Zatta

Customer Success Manager,

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