Servicing the Modern Consumer With Chat

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Research data exploring the undeniable power of chat

In the past year, consumer behavior has been shifting at warp speed. You wouldn’t be alone to feel a bit overwhelmed, or even behind the curve when it comes to how and where your consumers want to interact. While switching channels may not sound like a deal breaker, the data says otherwise. According to recent consumer research conducted by Kustomer, 79% of consumers get frustrated when they can’t contact customer service on their preferred medium or platform, and 81% of consumers would abandon a purchase due to a poor service experience. That’s why chat is so central to modern day CX.

Join Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth at Kustomer, and Andrea Paul, Kustomer’s Director of Research, as they walk through the findings of Kustomer’s latest research to better understand how brands are currently using chat, why some have not yet done so, and whether there is a disconnect between customer needs and brand expectations. Here’s what you can expect to learn in the webinar:

  • Why consumers value chat
  • Top chat adoption challenges
  • The disconnect between CX organizations and consumers
  • How chat drives revenue

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Gabe Larsen
VP, Growth, Kustomer

Andrea Paul
Director of Research, Kustomer

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