Why Sweetgreen Placed Their Bet on Kustomer

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Kustomer vs. Salesforce Service Cloud Matchup

Pivoting from your current CRM platform may seem crazier than a 16 seed beating a 1 seed, but is it really as mad as sticking with your outdated tool in the year 2021? We think it’s time to ditch your obsolete ticketing system and start sinking threes with a modern customer service software.

Get off the sidelines and into the game of great customer service. Jennifer Duguay, Director of Customer Experience at Sweetgreen, divulges the how’s and why’s of their decision to #maketheswitch from Salesforce to Kustomer and their neverending swishes since doing so. Let’s create a Cinderella story.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What drove Sweetgreen to finally #maketheswitch from Salesforce Service Cloud*
  • How they pulled off an essential platform change
  • What benefits their teams, companies, and customers are seeing after switching
  • Why they’re never going back to a traditional ticketing system

*Salesforce and the Salesforce logo are trademarks of Salesforce, Inc.

See Why Sweetgreen Placed Their Bet on Kustomer

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Jennifer Duguay
Director, Customer Experience, Sweetgreen

Gabe Larsen
VP of Growth, Kustomer

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