How to Perfect the Customer Service Journey with AI

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CX leaders are dealing with extraordinary circumstances: uncharted waters, an influx of tickets, and a budget-conscious road ahead. Keeping up while getting the most out of your team is especially critical now.

As more and more AI applications find their way into customer service, it’s important that brands consider how AI can be best used in each phase of the customer service journey, from self-service to agent intervention.

Join leaders from Kustomer as we present a discussion around AI, how it fits in today’s service operations, and how to drive more value at this turning point for your brand. We will cover:

  • How AI can drive more successful self-service opportunities to keep costs down
  • How AI and machine learning can drive smarter processes by predicting customer needs and sentiment
  • How AI enables agents to instantly leverage product knowledge

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Gabe Larsen

VP, Growth

Peter Johnson

VP, Product

Vikas Bhambri

SVP, Sales & Customer Experience

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