How Customer Service Metrics like NPS & CSAT Impact Overall Business Success

Webinar sponsored by CXPA and Kustomer

Customer service organizations track success metrics to measure overall customer satisfaction. But these metrics can reveal more than simply how well your agents are performing during service inquiries. They can reflect how healthy your company is, and impact overall business success and growth.

Gabe Larsen of Kustomer and Calley Means of Anomalie discuss why the CX organization should be at the heart of every business, and how to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty at scale. After watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • About typical customer service metrics like net promoter score, customer satisfaction and first response time.
  • What consumers expect from your business.
  • How customer success metrics can reflect overall business success.
  • Why CX is a revenue driver, not a cost center.
  • How to increase customer lifetime value at scale.

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