The Farmer's Dog

This Fresh Pet Food Subscription Service Cooks Up Delicious Customer Experiences


57% Faster Average Response Time

50% More Conversations Handled Per Day With No Changes to Staffing

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2018

Number of Users: 172

Switched From: Zendesk

Favorite Features: Timeline, Custom Objects

The Challenge

The Farmer’s Dog searched for a solution that could provide its CX team deep customer insights to better facilitate immediate and in-depth responses to customer inquiries.

The Results

  • Agents now have a complete view of the customer life cycle enabling them to reduce response times by 57%.
  • The combination of custom objects and automated workflows helps the CX team work more efficiently during a conversation reducing handle times 46% and increasing conversations/day by 50%.
  • By capturing all CX data in one place, the CX team is able to influence business decisions, such as new products and service process changes.


“If your team is struggling with multiple clicks to resolve an inquiry, lacking complete and comprehensive views of a customer’s issue or prior experience and transactions, Kustomer is the best choice to empower your agents as well as increase one-touch resolution and overall customer satisfaction.”

Molly Garraway, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience, The Farmer’s Dog


When Brett Podolsky and Jonathan Yoni Regev discovered some troubling information around the pet food industry, they founded The Farmer’s Dog: quality, freshly-made food for dogs delivered directly to homes. Transforming an entire industry is an incredible undertaking, so the CX team is tasked with educating new subscribers as well as fostering and maintaining authentic relationships during customer interactions. The support team’s top priorities are dog health and providing a seamless, effortless customer experience, and they’re held accountable for ensuring every customer feels cared for and heard.

“We knew that having a customer-centric, omnichannel platform would be crucial for our customers, who often require immediate and in-depth responses to their questions. Our team has all the necessary information at their fingertips to provide a well thought-out and quick solution, which has led to big improvements in both our handle and response times,” says Molly Garraway, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience.

To fulfill their mission, the CX team must provide dedicated, same-day support to customers — and sometimes even their pets’ vets — across multiple channels. That’s not an easy undertaking for a lean and agile operation, especially since every conversation requires incredible care and detail. In rethinking how their technology partner could help them work smarter and better, Kustomer stood out from the competition because it was both truly omnichannel and focused on the entire customer experience, not a single issue.

With Kustomer, the team can now immerse themselves in every customer’s life cycle. Agents quickly glean the appropriate context to each conversation so they can resolve customers’ inquiries more thoroughly and efficiently.


“With Kustomer, we’re able to open a conversation and instantly pull up a customer’s entire Timeline, equipping our team with the necessary context to deliver a personalized support experience. Custom objects and automated workflows aid in driving efficiency and higher service levels needed for both agents and customers,” says Molly.


After a seamless transition and implementation, it took just a few months for The Farmer’s Dog to see a 57% drop in average response time. Average handle time also improved by 46% across all channels, leading the CX team to handle 50% more customer conversations per day without increasing staff.

“The team was incredibly excited to move to Kustomer! The platform gave our team an opportunity to feel more connected to each customer interaction by viewing conversations as a greater part of their whole experience and not one single ticket to be solved.”

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