How a DTC Bridal Shop Connects with Brides to Design a Dream


Increase in Sales Orders

74% More Conversations

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2018

Number of Users: 19

Switched From: Freshdesk

Favorite Features: Seamless Integrations, Omnichannel Communications, Workflows


The Challenge

Anomalie needed a solution to help stylists deliver smart, contextual conversations that replicate the high-touch, personalized experience of wedding boutiques.

The Results

  • Consolidating data into a single view helped stylists have faster, personalized conversations and led Anomalie to double sales.
  • With text, phone, chat, and social communications in a single stream, stylists have greater insights into past conversations.
  • Workflows drove a 74% increase increase in conversations by helping stylists more efficiently respond to brides signing-up.


“If you are a brand where responsive, personal, differentiated customer service is a priority, you have to use Kustomer. There is nothing close to it on the market. It was like they read our minds.”

Leslie Voorhees Means, Co-Founder & CEO, Anomalie


Anomalie is a direct-to-consumer wedding dress company that makes custom gowns to fit brides’ unique style, size and budget. With a background in supply chain management for companies like Apple and Nike, Leslie Voorhees Means, Co-Founder and CEO of Anomalie, started the company out of her own frustration with wedding dress boutiques. “I found a way to make my dress directly with a top workshop, for much less than the stores, and friends started asking me to make dresses for them. Two years later, we are the fastest growing company in the custom garment space and are working with thousands of brides to create their dream dress through an online interface.”

Wedding dresses are an emotional, important purchase for women and 95% are still sold in brick and mortar stores. Anomalie faces a large challenge of replicating the hightouch experience of a boutique with the transparency, customization and value that can come with a direct-to-consumer model. Anomalie spends months nurturing their brides. From initial outreach until they walk down the aisle, Anomalie stylists are in constant contact. Because of the high-touch nature of the business and the long customer life-cycle, Leslie and her team vetted every support platform on the market over the last two years.

Before making the switch, Anomalie stylists had to log into separate systems for text, phone, chat, email and data visualization. With the customer timeline, stylists are able to bring all information about their customers into a single view and communicate with them across channels.

Having all relevant information in one place allows stylists to focus on building trust as well as meaningful communication with their brides. In fact, in the three months following the implementation of Kustomer, Anomalie’s sales doubled while their marketing spend stayed flat. The team attributes a lot of this to being able to contact brides more quickly and in a more personalized way after signup using Kustomer.


“Kustomer is thoughtfully built for omnichannel communication. Brides are often calling, emailing, texting, Facebook messaging and chatting us in the same week. All of these communications are tied to one customer and show up in a simple stream.”

Leslie Voorhees Means, Co-Founder & CEO, Anomalie


In addition to the customer timeline, the Anomalie team takes full advantage of popular Kustomer features such as powerful time-saving workflows and syncing with their internal database. Leslie explains, “Kustomer is built to sync with, not replace, our internal database, often a core piece of IP for D2C companies. The data we get from brides syncs seamlessly with Kustomer so we can segment customer lists and use information brides provide us to send more personalized communication.”

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